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No project is the same and each development of 18digital has its own signature. Bring your idea or challenge and let's dive, plan and execute with the spirit of those who breathe and perform in the web environment, but can not leave aside a good story!

Some of our best experiences.

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The BG27 aims to offer limited series of engravings, photographs and illustrations created by guest artists. 18digital used Magento in the development of the virtual store and customized 100% of the front end, leaving the ecommerce with a unique look.


Bobinex is a pioneer in the production of wallpaper coating. 18digital has developed a website that conveys the essence of the company, which innovates with every new release. Clients order samples and other materials online.


We developed for Breton the management tool of its Loyalty Program, for architects and sellers to consult scores of the program. The system was 100% integrated with the company's ERP.

Cansei Vendi

This virtual store is a pioneer in the segment. We use Magento to develop extensions to meet the necessary customizations in the project, like the Price Calculator of Used Products.

Carbono Design

A recognized Brazilian brand of furniture and design, 18digital is the brand's partner in its online projects since its birth or creation.


Cartaxi is the largest taxi company in Brazil. The brand new website is packed with tools and information that support the company's sales and the outside media marketplace.


We have developed the Construjá relationship APPs with its more than 1,000 clients spread throughout Brazil. From it, customers carry out stock replenishment purchases with the palm of the hand.


Decameron is a well-known design brand in the Brazilian furniture design market. It wanted more online presence mainly on the mobile internet. A repaginated and responsive website has repositioned the brand on the web.


Website development for Diálogo, brings agility to the projects updates and integrations attendance tools. Developed in Laravel.

Fellow LA

Website created for Los Angeles, USA, Fellow LA, this site is a great video channel for advertisements and creative campaigns. 18digital developed a structure in the servers directed to the need of the project, which makes the site light and dynamic.


Startup reference in the gastronomy market, Laravel based Marketplace, aims at innovation and technology in the market of gastronomic events.

Grupo GR

18digital develops and supports for Grupo GR the Website and the Intranet, which are available to provide information to customers around Brazil and the more than 12,000 employees who view information and other data wherever they are.

Indique Multiplique

Indique Multiplique is Saas platform for the word of mouth marketing. The main objectives is to reduce cost of companies getting leads and increase exposure and the engagement of clients with the brands.


Every opening of sales was a problem for Livepass. Today we monitor each event using a server structure in the cloud. And believe me, tickets available run out in minutes!


Maayanot publishes books of the most varied themes, such as philosophy, mysticism, self-help, ethics, behavior, laws, history and biographies.

Meu Câmbio

We developed for Meu Câmbio the backend of the currency price comparison tool. Developed in Vue.js.


Online shop specialized in Mitsubshi parts, this ecommerce developed with Magento has integration with the company's ERP, in addition to integration extensions with the Jadlog carrier and gateway payment.


We have developed the franchise B2B, now more than the 250 physical stores in Brazil make the orders for replacement with one click, through the Internet.


18digital has developed several online services for Neosolar, website in Laravel, the online store in Magento, the blog in wordpress and a Debates Forum. The proposals generated by the website are integrated with Pipedrive and all website crawling indexes information in CRM Mautic.


Online shop focused on the art and decoration segment, this ecommerce developed with Magento required the development of integration extensions and customizations with several types of product showcase.


We have developed the Bankline of Ourinvest Bank, offering another tool for bank clients. Biannual audited by Bovespa, the system has all the necessary information security requirements for this type of application.


18digital developed the website using Laravel from Poeira Design, a decoration shop present in Lisbon, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Pro-Corpo Estética

Pro-Corpo had performance problems in its CRM. We made improvements to SQL queries and Cloud Server that increased the system speed by more than 10x.

Quaker Textil

Quaker needed a virtual store to match the quality of its fabrics. We integrated Magento with Protheus and today the sale of cushions online is a reality.

Recicla Luxo

Recicla Luxo is a virtual store, developed in Magento. The site is a charity project that we are proud to participate in since it was launched!

Smart Design

Partner of 18digital, we developed for Studio61 clients virtual stores with Magento and Websites.


Partner of 18digital, we developed together with Studio61 projects such as virtual stores with Magento and customized Websites.

Teatro Gazeta

Project created for the Teatro Gazeta, which turned possible customers to buy theater event tickets online.

Vale Hotel

CRM development for the management of clients who have contract of lodging in apartments and chalets in the interior of São Paulo. The CRM enables customers to make reservations, purchase points, contract management, among other resources, and all financial management within its company.


We have developed for WWF Brazil, in partnership with Banco do Brasil, the solar photovoltaic calculator. With the tool everyone can find out the size of the ideal solar system, what is the average price and how to finance it.

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